Annual Report

Your Church facility continues to be a thriving, busy and well used facility. There are few days in any given week that the Church is totally empty. Worship services, weddings, funerals, bible studies, confirmation, boy scouts, Wednesday night meals, birthday parties, luncheons, committee meetings and the many groups that gather for fellowship and charity work all enjoy the building and facilities. Through all these activities, the true church of Calvary Lutheran, this community of believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ, is well served by the physical plant of this church. Maintaining this physical plant requires the combined efforts of the paid staff, the committee members and a host of dedicated volunteers.

It is the Property Management Committee that is charged by our Constitution and Bylaws with overseeing the task of maintaining and improving the Church building and grounds. Staff member Eldon Wheeless (Business Manager) makes this job (the committee’s) so much easier. Many other staff, both clergy and laity, also help to make the running of the facility a team effort that extends well beyond the Property Committee. The professionalism and hard work of everyone is noteworthy and greatly appreciated.

Property committee meetings in 2010 were typically held the first Monday of the month at 6:30 PM. Many thanks to those regulars including Keith Williams, Clete Rheinlaender, Stan Haywood, HW Van Westen, Bill Signorelli, Eldon Wheeless and Don Acker. We had one new member join the Property Committee, Kay Kime.

Volunteers were again an essential part of the Property function. From those that helped with various projects to all those who participated in one of the cleanup workdays – many thanks. As always, special thanks are due HW Van Westen for his dedicated work mowing and maintaining the grounds.

Projects, repairs and improvements this year included:

  • Replacement of the Education Wing air conditioner condenser units
  • Repair of the wall sconce lighting in the Fellowship Hall
  • Installation of electrical receptacles and outdoor lighting at the smoker in front of the East House
  • Selection of a janitorial service company to clean the facility
  • Well-attended and productive workdays prior to Easter and the Fall Festival

The property budget consumes 13¢-14¢ of each dollar contributed to Calvary. Of each dollar spent by Property about 47¢ goes to water, sewer, natural gas and electric utilities. Winter in calendar year 2010 was fairly mild and our gas bill was mercifully reasonable. Summer was not so kind (so both electricity and water came in higher than expected). The City of Richland Hills increased the water rates by 38% starting in October of 2010. The higher rates will continue through 2011.

The Property Committee has worked hard to keep the Committee’s spending in line with the contributions to the Church. To this end the Property Committee finished 2010 spending less than 90% of our 2010 budget. The Property Committee is dedicated to being faithful stewards of the great resource we have in our facilities. We are looking forward to another successful year in 2011.