Calvary’s Noisy Offering:

Calvary's Social Ministries Committee has determined that for the year 2018, we can do the best in our world by giving our Noisy Offering collections to the ELCA Good Gifts Program. By supporting the program, we put our money towards Disaster Response, World Hunger, and the ELCA Fund for Leaders, to name a few. We'll highlight a specific way this program works each month.

Collecting $395.00 at January's Noisy Offering, the Good Gifts Program will be able to purchase 13 little piglets that will help an impoverished family earn a better income.

For February's Noisy Offering, won't you Bee Mine?!!! A buzz-worthy gift, honeybees have a growing importance as the shrinking honeybee population worldwide is especially worrisome. Beeswax can be transformed into handcrafted soaps, candles, honey and other products to create a small, sustainable business. But that's not all – we know that their mere presence on a farm means that they are pollinating plants and boosting crop growth far and wide.

Just $20.00 will buy a comb of honeybees that will help impoverished farmers, and also will help the planet! Bring your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and make a Joyful Noise! Hush money (bills) are also gratefully accepted! Know also that we are now able to text, or use Calvary's Faithful Giving app to give to this project! To give via text, just text as $3.00 to (817) 760‐ 2980; just add the word Noisy to your amount. For example: $10 Noisy.

The Second Sunday of the month, February 11th, is our Noisy Offering! You'll hear us coming!