Calvary’s Noisy Offering:

In light of recent and current natural disasters, our Social Ministries Committee has decided to redirect our Noisy Offering for the rest of 2017.  It's obvious what touches your big, generous hearts, Calvary Family, as we had a record breaking Noisy Offering in September! Thank you for these gifts which were sent directly to the Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod to assist with Hurricane Harvey disaster relief.

November & December Noisy Offerings will be sent to Lutheran Disaster Response to help with on-going assistance. They'll know best how to use it, whether it's Sierra Leone mudslides, Houston flooding, fires in the upper Northwest, or disaster recovery in Florida and the Caribbean due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria. What a year it has been with these natural disasters!

Additionally, we'll add something new to our Noisy Offering for November! Everybody be sure to add your debit card or credit card so as to TEXT a quiet offering! You can text as little as $3.00 to (817) 760-2980; just add the word Noisy to your amount. For example: $10 Noisy. Be ready and before we start clanging the Noisy Offering cans, Pastors will invite us to "One, two, three, TEXT!" Let's have some fun with Calvary's new Faithful Giving program!!!