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Calvary’s Noisy Offering

In July of 2011, a well in the village of Yegeleh, Bo, Sierra Leone, Africa was completed and dedicated having been funded by the family of Calvary Lutheran Church, Richland Hills, TX! It was the 7th well built by the organization Water to Thrive. W2T has since expanded into Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania and has funded nearly 300 water projects!

alvary’s Social Ministries Committee is happy to announce that we will begin a campaign to raise funds for another well with Water to Thrive! We invite you to participate in our second Sunday Noisy Offering as we reach towards our $5000.00 goal! Our February Noisy Offering got us off to a great start, collecting $360.23! What a joyful noise!

The Gift of Clean Water • Water Well Dedication
Yegeleh, Sierra Leone

Sponsored by
Calvary Lutheran Church • Richland Hills, Texas

On behalf of the 461 residents of Yegeleh, that you for your kindness and generousity


Hi Jeanne,

I'm so happy to let you know your well is finished!

Thank you for all your hard work in making this project a reality. In these tough economic times, it's amazing to me that people are willing to dig deep into their pockets and help people on the other side of the globe.

What a difference this well will make! Their health no doubt will improve immediately, thank God. Not only are they getting clean water for their physical health, I love that this supports Pastor Kate and the ELCSL's efforts to provide the living water for their spiritual health. A win-win combination, thanks to the good people at Calvary Lutheran.

Thank you, Jeanne, and thanks to everyone at Calvary Lutheran.
Peace and blessings,

Peg Meyer
Water to Thrive
Our mission is to transform lives with the gift of clean water.