Drew’s 6th Annual Water Drive is here!

July 2020
Drew began his water drives in 2015 when he turned 8, and he would love for you to continue to provide water for his homeless friends in Fort Worth again this summer. With the help from the Calvary family, his water drives have donated almost 60 pallets of water over the past 5 years (1 pallet is about 2000 bottles of water).

Let’s keep it going this year! Drew’s 2020 goal is to raise $3000 which would buy 24 pallets of water.

The DRC reports that they go through 1-2 pallets a week. Because of Covid-19 we are unable to accept physical donations this year.

So please make any monetary donations to Drew’s secure Water Drive website (https://drc-solutions.org/drew/) or send money to Calvary indicating the donation is for the "Water Drive."

Thank you in advance for helping hydrate those who are homeless during the hot Texas summer.