Intern Mallory

A Texas-wide organization implementing generational innovation to advance child well-being. That means sustainable change resulting in positive shifts across generations.

Dear Calvary,

Many of you know that I’m a runner, and I’m so excited to be running the Fiesta de Mayo Half Marathon in May! I tend to run with music, and I’d love for you as the congregation to help create a playlist for the race.

But, before you can submit a song for my playlist, you need to buy a book. Yes, that’s right: a book (or two or twelve; however many you’d like). Check this link for my Amazon wish list. Every book you purchase from the wish list is for foster kids connected to UpBring Foster in Texas. And for every book you purchase, you get to add a song to my race-day playlist. Please note that if you select “Mallory Morris’ Gift Registry Address” during checkout, your purchase will come directly to me. You can then forward a copy of the order confirmation to me ( along with your song(s) of choice.

On multiple occasions, I’ve watched this congregation rise to the occasion to bless others, and I’m excited to see how you do that, again. I’m also looking forward to seeing what sort of songs you choose to help me power through 13.1 miles.

Grace and Peace,
Intern Mallory Morris