Drew's Bottled Water Drive
Goal: 8 Pallets (15,360 bottles!)

As we near the end of Drew’s FIFTH Annual Water Drive, Drew is thrilled to report that he has not only surpassed his goal but has more than tripled it thanks to the generosity of this congregation and his family/friends. Drew's original request for 8 pallets of water (15,360 bottles) has led to a donation thus far of over 26 pallets (52,000 bottles)! This water has been so helpful this summer in keeping our friends on E. Lancaster hydrated during the HOT Texas summer months. Let's keep going and finish the water drive strong! Additional donations will help to keep our friends hydrated all year long

Let us help Drew celebrate his August 16th birthday. Please bring your donations to Drew’s Water Drive sign in the narthex through Sunday, September 8th. You can also donate money through Calvary, noting the money is for “Bottled Water Drive”.

New this year, you can also donate money directly to Drew’s Water Drive through the DRC: https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/FWH2O/DrewThomas