Tarrant County Foster Parent’s Association

Donations for Tarrant County Foster Parent’s Association
We are actively working with the Tarrant County Foster Children’s group. They meet at our church the 1st Saturday of each month to assist and train foster parents. We feel it is a very worthwhile mission to be involved with. We make children's quilts, receiving blankets, sundresses and matching shorts, pillowcases etc., a list of donated items is listed below. They have expressed gratitude for the gifts that we have given them.

We started working with them in February, and this will be an ongoing project. If you would like to be a part of this mission project please contact Nancy Sandberg 817-217-6865 or nancysandberg@verizon.net. We would welcome anyone who would be willing to sew these simple projects at home. Materials are furnished.

If you have any children's clothing, gently used, ages infant to 12 years of age, please share them with these little children. If you have any pieces of flannel or children's printed cotton, would you consider donating them to us. We will make the items listed below for the children. Please put the items you bring in a bag and mark my name on it and place it in the WELCA box in the Narthex across from the office. Thank you!!!

Listed below are some items that we delivered
17 quilts.
10 quilts, 7 pillows & pillowcases, 9 loveys, 25 receiving blankets, gently used children's clothing.
3 quilts 2 pillows and pillowcases, 7 small pillows and pillowcases, 15 loveys, 2 lined-loveys, 23 receiving blankets, 1 Minkie receiving blanket (used), 13 small receiving blankets from Wal-mart, 14 burp cloths, 6 bibs, 1 stuffed bear, 1 twintop sheet & pillowcase (gently used) 2 sundresses and matching shorts.
[Gifts for the Foster children to give their Foster moms for Mother's Day] - 24 gift bags, 36 lip gloss, 48 bracelets, 12 rose writing pens. For the Foster children - 5 pillows and pillowcases, 10 baby spoon, 3 baby bottles, 8 wash cloths, 1 pkg pacifiers, 6 pairs of infant socks; 10 Hot Wheels, 1 die cast construction set, 1 die cast police set, 25 die cast metal cars, 22 decks of cards, 5 yoyos, 5 fishing games, 5 paddle balls, 15 zipper bracelets, 4 jump ropes, 48 small hair clips, 132 large hair clips, 36 bandos, 12 ponytail holders with ribbons.
5 boxes Ziploc bags, 2 baskets, 3 bath books, 4 wash cloths, 6 onesies, 1 pkg hair bands, 15 small pinwheels, 8 decks of flash cards, 5 children's sunglasses, 5 hair brushes, 24 pkg kleenex, 24 masks to decorate, 6 bookmarks to decorate, 5 wooden picture frames to color, 29 sticket and coloring books for girls, 13 stuffed animals, 10 pkg crayons, 8 all-terrain vehicles, 2 water games, 2 bubbles sets, 3 fishing games, 4 yoyos,31 sticker and coloring books for boys, 3 paddle balls. Card decorations - 2 pkgs colored card stock, stickers of flowers, words, butterflies, alphabet, foam letters and figures, hearts, smiley faces, heart sequins, adhesive gems, 1 pkg wiggly eyes, 1 pkg glitter pens. 8 girl's deodorant, 2 boy's deodorant.