Replica of Gutenberg press - Oct. 18-22

The Enduring Word Museum will be operating in Calvary Lutheran Church, offering congregants and visitors the rare chance to see an operating replica of the press that helped put the Bible into the hands of everyday readers. This press, built by the exhibit curator and recognized authority in Bible authentication Dr. F.J. Maisel, travels around the U. S. and will find a temporary home here during the week of October 18-22nd.

Dr. Maisel will not only demonstrate this press but will provide authentic artifacts such as

  • Leaves from actual biblical publications by reformers such as Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Rogers, Miles Coverdale, and John Calvin
  • An original, true first printing of the King James Bible
  • An actual page from the first book printed with movable type, the 1450 Gutenberg Bible

"Often scholars do not know the basic story of how we got the Bible," says Dr. Maisel. "But seeing it here, laid out and explained as a simple narrative, has helped many people to gain a better understanding of the book they have been reading for years."

The full exhibit will be on display beginning with an Oktoberfest-themed Calvary Café Wednesday, October 18th through Sunday, October 22nd.