Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.


We hear those words on Ash Wednesday and they remind us of our mortality and that who we are is grounded in God not ourselves. In our lives, we strive to know this same God deeper and more fully. Lent is an opportunity to turn back our thoughts, hearts, and actions; connecting again to our God of love. Practicing the 6 marks of discipleship helps us to ponder the mystery of faith and how we can work to live it out in this world and with one another.

March 6 - 5pm&7pm Ash Wednesday
Daily Bible Reading Jeremiah 31:33, Luke 8:11-15
March 13 - 7:00pm Lenten Service
Daily Prayer Romans 8:26-27, Matthew 6:9-13
March 20 - 7:00pm Lenten Service Weekly Worship Genesis 2:3, Hebrews 10:24-25
March 27 - 7:00pm Lenten Service Giving from the Heart 2 Corinthians 9:6-8, Matthew 6:19-21
April 3 - 7:00 pm Lenten Service Serving in & Beyond Church Micah 6:8, Mark 10:42-45
April 10 - 7:00pm Lenten Service Nurturing relationships Romans 10:14-15a, Mark 2:1-12










Calvary Cafe is open on Wednesdays from 5:00 til 6:30


Have you ever asked yourself: How should I pray? How am I supposed to find time to serve? I don’t know how to read the Bible. Looking at my budget, how am I supposed to give?
Each Sunday in Lent, the 9:30 Adult education class will take a look at the theme for the week. Come explore in depth how we can live these marks of discipleship. Get some strategies for reading the Bible. Learn different ways to pray. Think about worship, serving and community in new ways. You are invited to stretch and grow your faith this Lent!

March 3 Daily Bible Reading  
March 10 Daily Prayer  
March 17 Weekly Worship  
March 24 Giving from the heart  
March 31 Serving in and beyond the church  
April 7 Nurturing Relationships  










During Lent, there is also an opportunity to practice these marks everyday. You are welcome to pick up a bookmark at the narthex ministry signs (next to the narthex ramp & stairs) with a reading for reflection and prayer, as well as a few hints for how to approach reading the Bible daily. Everyday in Lent there is a different reading and by the end of Lent you will have read through the entire books of John and Ephesians. A great start to practicing these marks of discipleship!