Prayer Stations



Calvary Home

During the time of prayer worshippers are invited to remain in their seats for a time of prayer or move throughout the sanctuary and take advantage of one or more the prayer stations.
Freely speak prayers for the church, the world, and for all who are in need.
Kneel at the communion rail for anointing with oil and healing prayer.
Kneel and pray at icons on the west wall of the sanctuary.
Light a candle on the east wall of the sanctuary in anticipation of your own resurrection .
At the rear of the sanctuary is a table where prayer requests may be written and placed in the blue urn. They will be burned after the service, the smoke serving as a symbol of prayers ascending to heaven.
At the rear of the sanctuary is a copper receptacle with candles. You are invited to write something that troubles you or a sin you wish to confess on a piece of tissue paper and burn it as a sign of the forgiveness we receive in Christ.
At the front of the sanctuary is a book on a stand. You are invited to write some act of service you intend to do for others as a reflection of Godís love.