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“Feast of Christ” is a worshipping community that gathers to experience the saving mystery of God in Christ through an ancient, yet strangely contemporary liturgy.

Our worship takes place in an atmosphere of reverence, mystery, and of “being together, alone.” Each service makes use of sung chant and hymns, readings from the gospels, short homilies, confession & forgiveness, reflective prayer, and anointing for healing. Our worship culminates with the celebration of the feast of Christ—Holy Communion. Through these practices we are drawn deeper into the mystery of the Word made flesh, and are sent out to serve the world. There are no “members” of the feast of Christ—there are only those who have been given a foretaste of the feast to come, and who work to make this world more closely resemble that eternal feast.
“Feast of Christ” is influenced by the emergent church movement, by the worship of the ecumenical Taizé Community in France, and by the riches of the Lutheran tradition.

Prayer Stations