Calvary Lutheran Church trained their first Stephen Ministers in 1992 and Stephen Ministers have been serving our congregation and community for 25 years.

Here is a list of Stephen Ministers currently serving:

  • Dean Albrecht
  • Sharon Bartells
  • Lynne Berry
  • Rory Brown
  • Vickie Cornwall
  • Ann Earley
  • DeLoris Fregien
  • Steve Frisch
  • Juan Grimaldo
  • Rosemary Haywood
  • Debby Krey
  • Gail Kviz
  • Joann Noble
  • Beth Schlaf
  • Bob Thomas
  • Elaine Welty
  • Nancy Wilhelm.

With Stephen Leaders:

  • Pastor Kyle Rouze
  • Sharon Dobbs
  • Doug Guinn
  • Don Holmes
  • Debbie Thomas.

Later this year we will be honoring all Stephen Ministers who have served with us over the last 25 years so please watch for upcoming articles. This is a vital and thriving ministry at Calvary and we are here to help you or someone you may know walk through a difficult time, circumstance or situation.

Confidentiality is one of the foundations of this ministry.

If you want to know more or if we can help you or someone you know please contact Pastor Kyle at Calvary 817-284-8724 or the Referral Coordinator – Debbie Thomas at 817-676-4638.