The practice of liturgical worship connects the present with the past while opening a window to the future.
We gather in a space set apart by furnishings and symbols to be in the world but not of the world.

  • A world of constant change, left for a moment in a pattern of worship unchanged from the time of the apostles.
  • A world that needs to be explained and defined in order to be understood, left for a moment in words and melodies as familiar as our own breath.
  • A world of divisions, left for a moment in the common song opening us to the day when the divisions that seemed essential to identity are set aside because all things are made new as the vast multitude defined in this world by ethnicity and language and tribal association sing in one voice.
  • Past, present, future joined in the PRAISE OF THE ONE who transcends time and space.

Sunday Morning (on site)

8:00 am:
Traditional Worship
9:30 am:
Contemporary Worship
10:30 am:
Sabbath Celebration
(Sept-May only)
11:00 am:
Traditional Worship

Sunday Evening
(various sites)

6:00 pm:
Taize Worship
2nd Sunday of each month at Calvary


Sunday Evening (off site)

5:00 pm:
Kyrie Pub Church
Shaw's Patio Bar & Grill
1051 W Magnolia Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76104


Sabbath Celebration

This worship service in the family life center follows the Sunday school hour. Led by our youth band the service will use songs we sing at camp and youth gatherings as well as songs written by Pastor Phil including a new communion liturgy. The pastor who teaches at 9:30 will preside and preach at the 10:30 service. While the service will be youth orientated it is open to all. (more photos)

  • Children learn best to worship by worshipping.
  • While worshipping with children can sometimes be challenging for parents, participating in congregational worship is a vital part of a child’s spiritual formation.
  • Importantly, children see that worship matters to you and they learn much from observing how people of all ages worship God. Don’t underestimate the value of having your children worship alongside you!
  • We see you, moms, dad and grandparents and we are glad you are in worship with your children!
Redman Pipe Organ Opus 100
Exceptionally beautiful in its purposeful visual compatibility with Calvary’s new interior design, the Calvary organ is amazingly fluent in its technologically advanced capabilities. more . . .