Redman Pipe Organs Opus 100

Calvary's 60 rank Redman tracker-action organ has 3 manuals (Choir, Great, Swell) with a pedal division featuring two 32" stops.  
Debut: May 1, 2018
Tastefully enrobed in natural white oak and forward thinking in design, our organ has been fourteen years in the making through close and expert collaboration between Viktor Andersson, Calvary Director of Music; Debbie Villavicencio, Calvary Organist; Roy Redman, Master Organ Builder and Owner of Redman Pipe Organs; Frank Friemel, renowned Organ Architect; and the Pedersen family, especially Kathy Pedersen, in memory of her husband, Bob.

It is a totally new instrument in every respect. Constructed with an array of components “pre-existing (old), new, borrowed, and blue” the Calvary organ is truly custom-built and unusually reflective of the diversity and human depth of Calvary as a congregation.

It is expertly and thoughtfully redesigned and assembled with pipes and components donated by the Pedersen family. The organ also boasts a significant increase in the number of brand new pipes and modern components acquired by Roy Redman, including treasured components already in his extensive inventory.

Exceptionally beautiful in its purposeful visual compatibility with Calvary’s new interior design, the Calvary organ is amazingly fluent in its technologically advanced capabilities.

Our new Calvary Organ, Redman Pipe Organ Opus 100, is meticulously hand- built with thousands of intricate components intended to create a century or more of each organist’s personally expressive inspirational music for worship, for church and life moments of joyful celebration, and to ensure the dignity and honor of loving remembrances.



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