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The Calvary Cafe serves on Wednesdays from 5:30 - 6:30
(follows the Sunday School schedule of being open)
Please note:
We are going to increase the cafe to $10 for adults but we will stay at $5 for children.

The Amazing Calvary Cafe Crew (From a couple years ago)

They broke bread in (the fellowship hall) and ate together with glad and sincere hearts…
Acts 2:46

The Calvary Café carries on the tradition of the ancient and present day church which gathers like a family around the table to eat and drink and fellowship with one another in a welcome environment.

Add to that Pastor Phil's passion for cooking which comes from his ancestors on the Heinze side, many of whom made their living by baking, including his grandfather William who had a bakery in Chicago and his Uncle Billy who teaches the art of baking to at risk youth in Georgia and his father Rudi who made pizzas until he became a famous, now retired, expert on Tudor proclamations.