Letter From Your Finance Committee
March 18, 2020

Dear Fellow Congregation Members,

The Finance Committee is writing to supplement the communication that was sent out Monday afternoon, March 16, 2020 regarding the closure to the public of Calvary Lutheran Church. While conservative measures have been put in place to eliminate any unnecessary expenses, most significant expenses will remain at or near the "normal" amounts during this unprecedented time. We are thankful for your financial generosity and ask you to prayerfully continue to support Calvary during this time of uncertainty. We fully expect to see reduced offerings as a result of members not being able to physically enter the building to worship as well as the turmoil in the financial markets. We urge you to continue your faithful giving as you are able so that Calvary can continue who we are: God’s Heart, Human Hands.

You likely have several questions regarding giving to the church while you cannot physically attend services in person. There are many options to give if you normally give when you attend services.

Fill out your offering envelope, enclose it in a business envelope and mail it to the church - Calvary Lutheran Church • 7620 Baker Boulevard • Richland Hills, Texas 76118. The mail will be picked up and opened daily by the staff.

Switch to online, self-directed giving, through Faithful Giving. There are options for giving via text, mobile app and online using your debit/credit cards or checking accounts. Click here for more information.

Switch to Simply Giving, whereby a certain amount is automatically deducted from your checking account on a predetermined basis. You can enroll in this plan by downloading and completing the Authorization Form and return it to the church office.

The church office phones will continue to be answered during this time, the phone number is 817-284-8724.

Physical copies of this communication will be mailed out over the next few days, but feel free to communicate this information to those members you know that do not receive email communications.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to members of the Finance Committee.

Peace to all,

Calvary Lutheran Church - Finance Committee

Riley Rothe, Chair - 913-940-3286
Laura Anderson - 817-313-0089
Mary Keller - 817-937-7710
Debra Machos - 817-980-2117
Rick Miller - 817-637-1840
Pete Moxley - 682-429-2934
Tammy Nadaskay - 817-217-7056
Mickey Nowell - 817-489-5030
Roy Reichenbach - 817-366-7120
Dale Schultz - 817-296-8188