Greeting from the Property Committee, Property Committee - taking on all the responsibilities of home ownership but you get to spend other peoples' money. If this interests you, come join us. In the past six months or so we have:

1) Finished installing a sewer lift pump
2) Made electrical repairs
3) Repaired roof leaks
4) Fixed lights
5) Repaired Pews
6) And much, much more.

Now when I say we, I really mean others on the Property Committee besides me. I simply provide manual labor. Others, such as Don Acker and Mike Kammerdiener, provide technical skill and talent. If you have a talent such as plumbing, electrical, skill with sheet rock, etc. that you are willing to share, join us. If you want to be like me and simply provide manual labor and learn a few things along the way, join us. If a project is beyond our expertise, is too big, or we simply don't have time, we farm out the project.

We have also had several clean up days. I would like to thank everyone that participated. If I left you out I apologize ahead of time.

Don Acker, Meg Acker, Larry Green, Mike Kammerdiener, Paul Keller, Tim Rutledge, Mark Wilson

A special thanks to Michael Newbrough and our Calvary high school students who came an hour early to help before leaving for the NT-NL High School Day of Service!
-Paul Slezak, Property Committee
January 2019