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Mashed Potatoes Elaine

This is for Elaine Lang who gets really upset if you put mashed potatoes on the menu and then decide at the last minute, because it's been a rough day and you just don't feel like mashing 30 lbs. of spuds, to make roasted potatoes instead.
I call these Potatoes Elaine because I asked her how she likes mashed potatoes and she said leave the skins on and don't mush them - which I took to mean leave them lumpy. Elaine further defined her potatoes by mentioning an eating establishment which I won't mention because they are not currently paying me royalties. So here's my recipe for 30 lbs. Of Mashed Potatoes Elaine.

  • 30 lbs. of white potatoes
  • 1 1/2 lbs. of butter - or 2 lbs. if you're young and healthy
  • 1 qt of half and half - or whipping cream if you're young and healthy
  • 1 jar of Creamy Horseradish
  • Nature's Seasonings to taste

Quarter the potatoes
Boil until easily pierced with a fork
Transfer to a really big bowl
Add next three ingredients while mashing - remembering to leave some lumps!
Season - stir - and serve with brown gravy and lots of it.
Mashed Potatoes Elaine