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Pastor Phil's Summer Salad with Red Wine Raspberry Dressing

As is often the case at the Café I name a menu item before deciding what ingredients go with the name. I figured the only reason to name a salad summer is because the things you put in it are harvested in the summer. Of course when I tried a vegetable garden in Texas every thing was dead by June due to heat, bugs, rabbits etc. so I really don’t know what would be in a Texas summer salad. But I remember from a former life in Ohio that summer meant squash and lots of it. I also remember more tomatoes than I could give away and the Gala apples were on sale. The radishes reminded me of summer heat and candied pecans don’t have to be invited to show up in a Pastor Phil salad no matter what it’s called. I added the Feta because I though it would go nicely with the Red Wine Raspberry Dressing. There you have it. The first new salad of the 2009/10 café season!

Mixed Field Greens
Grape Tomatoes – cut in half
Zucchini – half moon slices
Summer squash – diced
Radishes – thin slices
Gala Apples
Candied Pecans
Feta Cheese

Red Wine Raspberry Dressing

1 cup Red Wine
1/2 cup Bonne Maman ® Raspberry Preserves
Add Red Wine to Preserves and blend.


September 24, 2009