Kairos Prison Ministry

The Spring Kairos Prison Ministry team is gearing up for Weekend #43 at the Coffield Men's Prison Unit near Palestine, Texas. Weekend #43 will be held April 27 through April 30.

In preparation, we will have team training meetings on March 18 and 25, April 8, 22 and 26. We are in search of new team members. We need men for the inside ministry and women for the outside support ministry. We would love to have more Calvary team members.

If you are interested in serving on our Kairos-Coffield team, helping in other areas (e.g., cookies, donations, placemats, etc.) or would just like to ask some questions, please talk to the Calvary team members listed. The deadline for adding new team members is March 18.

If you are interested in attending the Closing Worship on Sunday April 30 to see a foretaste of what the ministry does, talk to one of the folks on the team. YouTube has some informative videos. Just type in "Kairos Prison Ministry". The website is www.kairosprisonministry.org

Please, prayerfully consider joining us. Leslie Herd Team members at Calvary are: Leslie Herd, Jim and Sheila Cronkhite, Ed and Gail Kviz, Debbie and Bob Thomas, Patrick Hunt, Chris Gebhardt, Deborah Penzak .