June 15-21, 2019

Calvary 2020 Mission Trip will be at OAKS INDIAN MISSION June 13-18, 2020. Indian Oaks cares for abused, abandoned or neglected Native American children. Our Their mission is to provide children in need with a safe and stable environment to grow and mature in God's love, learning qualities and building character that will help them lead and serve for others and their futures. $50 deposit will hold your spot

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June 15-21, 2019

Five of Calvary’s graduating seniors spoke at the Youth Mission Trip service.
Here are a few excerpts of their homilies:

Over the course of this trip I was a part of the building team, which worked on transforming an old home in disrepair into a chapel for Oaks Indian Mission. I think this project was important to me and to our team because we understand how important a place of worship that we can call our own is – we have Calvary. I built a cross and worked with the staff of Oaks to translate God With Us into Cherokee and I painted it on the cross. This will be there to remind them that no matter what life throws at you, that God is Always there for you.
-Austin Kobiske

Our youth group doesn’t do things for recognition or to look better, but because our hearts have a desire to serve. The best part is that the same desire flows throughout Calvary and its congregation. John 13:34 says “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. We were able to show our love to the people of Oaks because God first showed love to us through Jesus who came and loved all those around him by serving them and then dying on the cross for US! What we did at Oaks, our mission that we started does not end there, but we as a congregation will be able to share our love through the many ministries we are involved in. We were reminded at Oaks that sometimes things do not go exactly as planned, but when God’s love guides us, incredible things can happen.
-Kodie Winnings

Calvary is used to a bigger day camp here and having 11 children was an adjustment for us.. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us, whether its 4 or 40 kid’s numbers shouldn’t matter. It’s the small impacts we make that can expand beyond into bigger and greater things. One person can have the impact of an army. Jesus started with just 12 disciples and impacted so many people. This week was a great example of reminding me that numbers are not the most important things – relationships are. Don’t get bogged down with quantities but instead with how one person, like YOU, can impact the world.
- Caroline Berry

I have done Day Camp every year at Calvary & on Mission Trip. Yet this year, I decided to join building team and step a little out of my comfort zone. I was a little nervous about walking onto a team to which I didn't have too much skill in. We have a great strong building team each year thanks to our amazing adult leaders, Eagle Scouts, and our youth group’s spirit and willingness to help others. It’s special to see each of us either guiding others, learning new skills & getting into our groove each morning and afternoon.
- Emma Swenson

While nine hours of our day was devoted to building and serving the community, we also enjoyed some of their cultural experiences. One of these experiences was basket-weaving. We spent an entire evening after dinner attempting to make baskets. It was toilsome. The process itself wasn’t super hard, but everything had to be precise. You had to weave it with intent otherwise there would not be a bowl. God has done the same with us. God has made each of us exactly as he wanted, but it goes even further. Not only are we woven as God wanted us to be, but our youth group is as well. We are all connected through our love of God and service. We are all woven together. This is what makes Mission Trip so special. You experience this weaving of different people and talents to accomplish one goal.
-Brandon Graeber