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Missing Taize worship? So are we!
There will be an online Taize worship at 6:00pm on Sunday, August 16.
You will be able to light a candle, sing and reflect on scripture from wherever you are!
The video and bulletin will remain online for you to watch again anytime.
Link is coming soon....

What Does It Mean to Belong to God in These Times?
Join Intern Evan’s “office hours” on ZOOM for conversation and prayer
Dates will be posted
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The Story Behind the Hymn
Viktor Andersson, Calvary's Director of Worship & Music, is researching the history
behind each Sunday’s Hymn of the Day. Find out little known facts about some of your favorite hymns. Viktor goes into detail with facts (and some humor!) in these YouTube presentations.
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ISRAEL WITH PASTOR PHIL 2021 - Zoom Information Meetings
In these uncertain times it is difficult to make decisions about travel in the future. However, we are hopeful that we can make another trip to Israel February 9 – 18, 2021. To that end we will have four Zoom opportunities to hear about the details of the trip and some of our memories from the 2020 trip.
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Bottled Water Drive
Calvary's Drew T. began his water drives in 2015 when he turned 8, and he would love for you to continue to provide water for his homeless friends in Fort Worth again this summer. With the help from the Calvary family, his water drives have donated almost 60 pallets of water over the past 5 years (1 pallet is about 2000 bottles of water). Let’s keep it going this year! Drew’s 2020 goal is to raise $3000 which would buy 24 pallets of water.
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PNS Lunch Sacks
At the end of April, members of Calvary began delivering lunch sacks to the Presbyterian Night Shelter to help their staff provide social distancing opprtunities for the homeless population down in Fort Worth. We began delivering 300 sacks each Friday and are now delivering 500 weekly. We are currently planning to provide these sack lunches through the end of July.
Interested in helping? Please contact Amy Thomas (817-992-2912)
Number of lunch sacks delivered: 4368 • Number of sandwiches delivered: 567