Calvary Quilters will meet on the second Friday of the month from noon to 3:00, to work on LWR
projects including baby care kits. Bring snacks for Friday. We welcome new folks! No experience necessary.
NEED continues to try manage as best as they can with low inventory levels of many items.  If you are willing & able, please continue to fill the grocery cart in the narthex with your donations. 
Special requests now include: Pasta, Canned soup, Crackers, Snacks, Cereal
Please bring your donations to Calvary to place in the N.E.E.D. basket (in the narthex by the
piano or in the brown box by the hallway mailboxes) or take directly to N.E.E.D. West (5028 W Broadway Avenue, FTW) from M-F, 10 am – 2:30 pm. Thank you.
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PNS Sandwiches - Second Sunday of every month
Interested in helping make sandwiches at home for Presbyterian Night Shelter? Contact Amy Thomas (817-992-2912) to help.
Sandwiches delivered to the Presbyterian Night Shelter on the 2nd Sunday of every month.
Hymn History with Viktor
Calvary's Director of Worship & Music, Viktor Andersson researches the history behind each Sunday’s Hymn of the Day.
Click on the link to enjoy his uplifting, educational and entertaining YouTube videos!
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February 6 Pastor Phil suffered a stroke. His right side was affected and he was transported to the hospital. On his 4th day, he began documenting his days. Not only his health and rehab, but more importantly his faith journey and the many angels unaware and aware that crossed his path. Follow this link to revisit his journey.
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