Kyrie Pub Church - In the News (Fort Worth Report)!
Rev. Phil Heinze recalls the question his lunchmate asked him: “How are you going to reach people who are never going to come to church?”
“What if we bring church to them?” Heinze answered on that day, over 20 years ago. 
"We’ve had a lot of people just wander in, and had all kinds of beautiful moments, especially with people who would never think about going to church ever again,” Heinze said.
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Benefitting our friends experiencing homelessness in Fort Worth. This year they are accepting monetary and physical donations. Make monetary donations online, click here or donate through Calvary indicating “water drive”. Please leave physical donations in the narthex at the water drive posters
Intern Rebecca Chase Arrives June 30
Our new Intern, Rebecca Chase, will be in the pews on Sunday, June 30. Rebecca
graduated from Texas A&M with Bachelors of Biology and of Anthropology and a Masters
of Theological Studies from SMU.
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Hymn History with Viktor
Calvary's Director of Worship & Music, Viktor Andersson researches the history behind each Sunday’s Hymn of the Day.
Click on the link to enjoy his uplifting, educational and entertaining YouTube videos!
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