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Sunday Family Worship 10 am
We are excited to come together with you for a family friendly, interactive worship service. This worship service is specifically designed for our families with elementary aged children and their siblings, parents, and grandparents. (It is for the whole family even if you have a little one or a junior high/high school sibling).
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The Story Behind the Hymn
Viktor Andersson, Calvary's Director of Worship & Music, is researching the history
behind each Sunday’s Hymn of the Day. Find out little known facts about some of your favorite hymns. Viktor goes into detail with facts (and some humor!) in these YouTube presentations.
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PNS Sandwiches
Calvary continues to deliver sandwiches to the Presbyterian Night Shelter to help their staff provide food for the homeless population down in Fort Worth.
Interested in helping? Please contact Amy Thomas (817-992-2912)