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Building Faith Foundations is what we strive to do on the Education/FLC wing of the Calvary Campus! We want our kids to start their faith journeys in a place where they can feel love from a community in this brick and mortar building. Then, when they go out into their schools and communities the love of God, which they experience at Calvary, can whisper to them when they are happy or sad.
  • We want them to hear the whispers of God ALL THE TIME!
  • We want to teach them Bible stories and the catechism but we also want to teach them that community and friends that build us up are important.
  • We want them to know that God’s love is present in our lives ALL THE TIME, even when we make mistakes or we feel unlovable, or we just feel stuck.
  • We want our parents to know that they are not alone in raising their children in the faith.
  • We are here ALL THE TIME!
  • Calvary is here to cheer them on, pray for them, encourage them and provide opportunities for them to grow as well as for their children to grow.
  • Finally, we want to provide opportunities for our children, youth and families to be the hands and feet of God and to serve their neighbors.

Boundless love has been showered upon us. We are called to share that love with the world!

When the 2022 National Youth Gathering was again postponed, our student leadership team met and decided that we would do a mission trip this summer! We are excited that we will be going to Albuquerque, New Mexico to serve in that community and learn from the people there.
Details . . .
If you are a mom of children age birth – 3rd grade, you are invited to a BIBLE STUDY and time of FELLOWSHIP with other moms!
One Sunday a month (Watch for dates!)
Sunday School Room #11 • 9:30am


• I am loved by God
• I am a child of God
• God will never leave me or abandon me
• God has great plans for my life
• I have been uniquely designed for a purpose
• I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

These are just a few of things we want our children and young people to remember!

It is easy to become overwhelmed with life. It feels like the world has forgotten to “repeat after me”. We are children of God and loved beyond measure, but so is everyone else. We want to help instill this in our children and young people and teach them to act with compassion in our world and to be the hands and feet of God. Their parents want that. This church family wants that.

We have been running a marathon race for 18 months and this summer day camp, mission trip and Confirmation camp seemed so much more special because they were done in a “normal” way. We were invigorated and energized by the summer at church and with our families.

We continue to create meaningful experiences for our children, youth and families. We extend grace to ourselves and each other. We spend time in prayer, study and quiet time to just listen to God. We repeat the words that breathe life into us.

As our Family Life Center wing fills up in a few short weeks the leaders, parents, children and youth covet your prayers as we grow in faith.

-Calvary’s Children and Youth Team