Worship Leader Aids

Below you will find worship leader aids for Assisting Ministers, Lectors and Ushers:

Assisting Minister Guide.docx
Assisting Minister Guide.pdf

Communion Assistant
Usher Duties
Greeter Duties

Lector Guide.docx
Lector Guide.pdf

ELW setting 3.mp3
ELW Setting 3 Kyrie.docx
ELW Setting 3 Kyrie.pdf

ELW Setting 3-Gloria PDF
ELW Setting 3-Gloria DOC
ELW Setting 3-Gloria MP3


ELW setting 4.mp3
ELW Setting 4 Kyrie.docx
ELW Setting 4 Kyrie.pdf

ELW Setting 4-This is the Feast PDF
ELW Setting 4-This is the Feast DOC
ELW Setting 4-This is the Feast MP3

ELW Setting 4-Gloria PDF
ELW Setting 4-Gloria DOC
ELW Setting 4-Gloria MP3

ELW setting 5.mp3
ELW Setting 5 Kyrie.docx
ELW Setting 5 Kyrie.pdf
KYRIE Schedule.doc  
Ghana kyrie.mp3
Ghana Kyrie.docx
Ghana Kyrie.pdf
Haugen Feast & celebration kyrie.mp3
Haugen Feast Kyrie.docx
Haugen Feast Kyrie.pdf
Olson's kyrie.mp3
Olson Kyrie 3 vs.docx
Olson Kyrie 3 vs.pdf
Viktor Kyrie.mp3
Viktor Kyrie.docx
Viktor Kyrie.pdf