Calvary Lutheran was founded in 1955. Since that time we have grown in service to our Lord, the ELCA and local communities, we are reminded of the dedication of our members and the significant accomplishments they have rendered.

Mission Statement

We, members of Calvary Lutheran Church declare ourselves to be a congregation of Christian believers, called into being through the Holy Spririt, whose ministry and mission are Christ-centered and based on His teaching and the scriptures.

As believers in and disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are committed to:

  • Letting the Holy Spirit work through us to care for and enlarge the kingdon, spiritually and physically
  • Deepening the faith and commitment of its members
  • Proclaiming Christ's love and forgiveness through what we say and do
  • Ministering to one another and to all people through prayer, sharing, and witness.

God's Heart Human Hands
Pastor Phil Heinze

Our new statement God’s Heart Human Hands describes who we are at Calvary in a way that speaks to the longing of those outside our four walls. It is a vision of the God who cares deeply for all of creation, whose love is made visible in the incarnation, God with us, for us, whose Heart longs to be in relationship with humanity. Human Hands, includes those outside our four walls, but recognizes that human hands find a deeper meaning and purpose by being connected to and made useful by the longing of God’s heart.

But we don’t just change a “motto” and expect everything to go back to the way it was in the good old days when Sunday morning church was as American as mom and apple pie. And while we can take full advantage of all the new ways to communicate like face booking and twittering and blogging, that is not what will ultimately lead others to relate to God through the One we know as Jesus. It will be personal relationships in the way the Via de Cristo community describes it – Make a friend. Be a friend. Introduce a friend to Jesus. Like Philip being led to answer the questions of the Ethiopian eunuch. Like Andrew inviting his brother Peter to come and see. Like the apostle Paul meeting Lydia down by the river, who later established a church in her house. It will be everyone connected to Calvary, young and old and in-between becoming an evangelist just like the first Christians who turned the world upside down by the way they lived and the sacrifices they made.

I’ve been trying to model that for you this year by spending more time in public places than in the office. Cell phones and Wi-Fi mean I can work and be accessible wherever I am. Because of that I have had more conversations about Jesus with those outside the church in 2010 than maybe I’ve had in twenty years of ministry. And those conversations are not primarily about getting people to join Calvary but rather for me to be open and available to the opportunities God is always providing through the Holy Spirit to share the love of Jesus. And when the conversation comes to a close I always say “Come and see.”

Now here’s the main point of all this. I’m not saying “come and see” all the things at Calvary, like worship that is well done, consistent Gospel preaching, emphasis on education, multiple opportunities to be together, the café, Bible studies, social ministry that makes a difference and changes our world one person at a time, dynamic youth and children ministry, etc. etc.. No, what I am saying is “come and see” the people of Calvary, people committed to following Christ, willing to take risks, open to others, people who listen and learn and love.



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